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Separate food and water dishes. Cats like to drink in a separate location from where they eat. Use large ceramic bowls for water. Refill and refresh water at least once a day. Always have dry food available for your cat to nibble at his or her leisure. If you must restrict your cat’s food intake, many small frequent meals are preferred over two or three larger meals per day. Free-feeding will prevent a number of behavioral problems. Give wet food to your cat (avoid most grocery store brands and the ‘shredded’ meat variety). Wet food is healthier than dry food and gives needed water. The more water a cat drinks, the less likely the kitty will be prone to developing urinary tract infections. A cat will bond with you and have less behavioural problems if s/he can sleep with you at night. If your cat does not sleep with you at night, your kitty will be less likely to bond with you and will tend to be less affectionate.


Care for your pet at home

Choosing to keep your pet at home can offer some comfort as they are in familiar surroundings. To add to their comfort, you can also consider these tips. Toys Leave a couple of toys out in the open for your pet to enjoy while you are gone. . Even a small amount of activity can liven up their routine and help relax them while you are gone. Clean the kitty litter This is especially important while you are away. Litters must be kept clean. Cats can become particular about their bathroom and if they are used to being outside, then all of the sudden, they are inside for a week or more, their bathrooms will need to be kept clean. Build up can cause a cat to tire of their toilet and search out other alternatives and once this begins, you will need to make a concerted effort to swing the behaviour back to a more desirable one. Our staff clean the litter on every visit. We will insure your litter box always has enough litter in it, is cleaned often and placed in a quiet area with easy access for your cat.
It’s not a secret that most cats don’t travel well and people will usually leave their feline family member behind when they head out on a family vacation. If you are leaving the city, you have a few options for keeping your cat safe while you are away
Boarding a pet is not always a great idea. Your cat will be kept secure and will have someone near them at all times. but the down side is that they will be away from their surroundings for the length of time you are gone and that can initiate some stress issues in your pet.
Love and affection Cats like to be loved on their own terms, but they still love to be loved. Ask your sitter to find your cat on each visit. If your cat’s temperament allows, ask them to pick up, pet and/or cuddle your cat. Create a space for your cat If you have a scratching post that your cat sits on, great. Make sure the place they spend all of their time when you are home is ready for them. You can move a comfortable chair in front of your window for them to rest on and look out, or place their favourite blanket in a spot you know they like to cuddle up in. Tagged or chipped If your cat has a tendency to run outside, make sure you warn your pet sitter so they can watch the door when they enter the house. On the chance they do get out, make sure your pet’s records are up to date and they have some way of identifying them should they be picked up and taken to a vet for identification. Alternatively let your pet sitter know when they usually come home (first thing in the morning, etc) after getting outside, so they can keep an eye out for their return.
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